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Whatever your industry, enjoy significant cost saving through-out your network life cycle with us.

The demand for access to ICT services is growing at a phenomenal rate. Operators today are faced with demand for ever-higher bandwidth, increased subscriber numbers and falling Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). It is therefore urgent to reduce capital and operational costs while improving user experience for high bandwidth applications. In the wireless space, this calls for 3G/4G-LTE with fibre backhaul and in the wire-line space, FTTbiz/FTTH supported by all-IP network architecture.

As a premier provider of ifbre optic connectivity services, Soliton Telmec is well placed to help you achieve significant cost saving through-out the network life cycle from conceptual design to on-going maintenance and support.

Our areas of competence include:

Fibre Optic Network Design and Construction

There is a reason why most successful telecommunication have turned to us for their network build and support.

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Support and Maintenance

We are the first 24/7 network monitoring and support center

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Network Measurement and Testing tools

We supply network measurement and testing tools.

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Network Monitoring for QoS and QoE

We supply network measurement and testing tools.

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MSC-BSC interconnection on Dark Fibre

Try our fibre for Ultra-fast Service roll-out

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Base Station interconnection through Dark Fibre

For quick service roll-out, try our Dark Fibre Interconnection

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Governments nowadays are required to provide a variety of citizen services. With faster communication services and greater connectivity worldwide, governments are facing potentially new threats and challenges.

Efficient Services must be delivered in an environment of budget constraints. It is no longer possible to throw taxes at problems and governments in the region are faced with evolving democratic realities where increasingly rmed citizens now demand the same level of efficiency they get from private sector enterprises.

For both the Enterprises and Governments therefore the ability to communicate with citizens and customer as well as colleagues now define success or failure.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Server consolidation and Cloud Services, Shared Services, Converged Communications, all-IP network - the need for high bandwidth, low latency secure network has never been greater.

We provide solutions across key technology areas including:

  • Local Area Network Deployment
  • Data Center Solutions, Servers and Storage Area Networks
  • Wide Area Networks
  • Dark Fibre Connectivity for power users and Disaster Recovery Site Connectivity
  • Unified Communication Solutions

Leading banks and enterprises now enjoy our high quality connectivity solution including Dark Fibre Connectivity (which offers amazing cost savings), and IP/MPLS solutions. Through our partnership with world leading companies such as IBM and Juniper Networks we offer solutions in Local and Wide Area Networks as well as Data Center Solutions including a wide range of servers and storage.

Military barracks and large enterprises covering huge campuses can realise significant cost savings through the use of Optical Networking technologies as opposed to traditional Local Area Network designs. It is not enough to throw switches at wiring closets any more. Enterprises need and demand more thoughtful designs and thorough testing in order to support sophisticated services running on modern networks.

If you are a developer, whether you are building office blocks, housing estates, gated community or industrial development, you need to consider that your community of users will need access to modern broadband services.

We have developed a unique solution for you - Standards-based open access Optical Fibre Infrastructure. Business and home owners who will occupy your development will appreciate your thoughtful implementation of Advanced Fibre Infrastructure that can support modern services.

Studies have shown that buildings fitted with our future proof Single Mode Optical Fibre Infrastructure that can support ultra-high speed broadband services now and in the foreseeable future fetch a premium price in the market.

Yet, fitting Advanced Fibre Infrastructure during the initial construction saves significant amounts of money and trouble.

Please contact us on in-building Optical Network for your development.