Governments & Enterprises

Governments nowadays are required to provide a variety of citize services. With faster communication services and greater connectivity worldwide, governments are facing potentially new threats and challenges.

Efficient services must be delivered in an environment of budget constraints. It is no longer possible to throw taxes at problems and governments in the region are faced with evolving democratic realities where increasingly informed citizens now demand the same level of efficiency they get from private sector enterprises.

For both the Enterprises and Governments therefore the ability to communicate with citizens and customers as well as colleagues now define success or failure.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Server consolidation and Cloud Services, Shared Services, Converged Communications, all-IP network - the need for high bandwidth, low latency secure network has never been greater.

We provide solutions across key technology areas including:

  • - Local Area Network Deployment
  • - Data Center Solutions, Servers and Storage Area Networks
  • - Wide Area Networks
  • - Dark Fiber Connectivity for power users and Disaster Recovery Site Connectivity
  • - Unified Communication Solutions

Leading banks and enterprises now enjoy our high quality connectivity solution including Dark Fiber Connectivity (which offers amazing cost savings), and IP/MPLS solutions. Through our partnership with world leading companies such as IBM, Ekinops and Juniper Networks, we offer solutions in Local and Wide Area Networks as well as Data Center Solutions including a wide range of servers and storage.

Military barracks and large enterprises covering huge campuses can realise significant cost savings through the use of optical networking technologies as opposed to traditional Local Area Network Designs.