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We develop customised solutions including; in-house lab training for IP,
SDH, DWDM, Access Network Systems, Simulation and Testing.

Optical Fibre Maintenance

T hrough our partners, EXFO and Fujikura, we offer various optical testing instruments and system configurations to help you reduce support and maintenance related expenses. Some of the available configurations and options include:

- Dark Fibre testing and monitoring for any fibre cable network.
- In-service, in-band CWDM testing and monitoring.
- In-service, out-of-band 1625 nm or 1650 nm testing and monitoring.
- Stand-alone, fully autonomous test equipment.
- Remotely controlled optical switch unit.
- Distributed client-server application with central management.
- Reporting engine based on alarm duration and fibre downtime.
- Network documentation on GIS platform with fault-on-map.
- Water/humidity sensors to be located into splice enclosures.
- Integration with fault or work ticket management system.
- Integration with network inventory/GIS solution.
- Integration with BSS/OSS in general.
- Fujikura Splicing machines.

Support and Service Centre

W e are the sole Authorised Sales and Service Centre for both Fujikura and EXFO equipments in the East Africa region. Contact our Sales and Service Centre for support and service related issues.

Network Deployment - Cable Installation

Try our in-house customised solutions.